This beautiful flower has many benefits for acne-prone skin

This beautiful flower has many benefits for acne-prone skin

Traditional medicine systems all around the world use many herbs and plants for their amazing healing and medicinal properties. One such herb that is very popular in most of the European countries to treat depression, sleep disorders and anxiety is St. John’s Wort. Botanically known as Hypericum perforatum, St. John’s Wort is gaining popularity in the US as well.

As it is with most herbal medicines, this plant has a number of medicinal properties. St. John’s Wort has been getting a lot of attention over the past few years as a strong astringent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. The herb contains a number of pharmacological active compounds including tannins, flavonoids, beta carotene and much more. It’s a wonderful way to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin in a natural and safe way.

How to use this herb?

The best part of using St. John’s Wort is how easy it is to use it. You can make creams and masks from this herb with ease. These creams and masks will help you not only to cleanse your skin, but also moisturize it. Forget about all those harsh cleaning agents present in many of today’s cosmetic products that take away the moisture and leave your skin dry. This herb is generally safe and effective and it can be used by pretty much anyone, no matter what your skin type is. This is only one of the many natural ways you may be able to get rid of acne, though. You can learn about more here.

How to make St. John’s Wort Tincture

If your skin is moderately oily or a combination type, you can very easily make a tincture with this herb to clean your skin. All you need to do is to mix about 8 teaspoonfuls of powdered St. John’s Wort with about 2 cups of water. Boil this mixture for about ten minutes and strain through a cheesecloth after a couple of hours. Then simply use this tincture to clean your face with soft cotton swabs. After application of the tincture, wait for 15 minutes and wash your face with cool water. You can use this procedure about 2-3 times a day.

If you have especially oily skin

The tincture can be used for oily skin as well. Just make ice cubes out of the St. John’s Wort. Apply these ice cubes on your face every morning. This will help you to cleanse your skin and also help the skin to rejuvenate and tone. You can also make the ice cubes with an infusion of chamomile, sage or eucalyptus.

If you are a dry skin person

Dry skin can be a problem during the winters when it cracks and fine lines appear. To combat this you can make a cream my mixing the St. John’s Wort tincture with butter. Take one tablespoonful of the tincture, two teaspoonfuls of slightly melted butter and a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and make them into a cream. You can use this cream as a night cream before going to bed as well. The cream is readily absorbed providing the skin with much-needed vitamins, making it fresh and healthy.

A word of caution

St. John’s Wort can reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills. It can also interact with any other medications that you might be taking. So, it’s best to consult with your doctor prior to starting this remedy if you’re using any type of medication or other treatments.